Port Angeles Bed and Breakfast

Start your day with a gourmet experience


Central to any bed and breakfast accommodation is breakfast! Here, breakfast begins with Gevalia Coffee, setting a Royal Tradition that is “Always a Pleasure” and a fitting beginning for the delights to follow.(black, green and herbal teas also available)

Sample Entrees

Inventive cooking with fresh local produce, and satisfying guests beyond their expectations, have always been a special pleasure for your host. Come sample a few breakfast table delights of Port Angeles Bed and Breakfast,

“All the breakfasts were delicious, and the asparagus
puff pastry was magnificent beyond words.”
Teresa and Jon P., Tennessee

On Sunday mornings, you are greeted with our famous Expanded Continental for an
bright ‘n early, or luxuriously late, start to your day.

Your Host: Joy Lingerfelt : Port Angeles Bed and Breakfast
Galaxy Place Port Angeles, Washington 98362
Phone 360 457 9306 or e-mail for details and reservations